Multi-project Scheduling

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This book presents the theory and applications of multi-project scheduling in an easy-to-read style. In this book every chapter begins with a preamble introducing different sections and their contents. It introduces the readers to various scheduling rules that are widely used for scheduling resource-constrained multiple projects. The various techniques to solve resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problems faced by managers and practitioners are also discussed. Separate chapters are devoted to depict the performance of scheduling rules (without costs) in the resource-constrained multiple projects, costs relating to tardiness of projects and costs relating to tardiness and earliness of projects. This book has incorporated a wide variety of measures of performance and could be considered quite exhaustive which helps practitioners greatly in decision-making. This book can be used as a reference for industrial engineers, project managers and analysts. In addition, it will be extremely useful to researchers who are pursuing their research in project scheduling.


B. Kanagasabapathi, PhD(IIT Madras) is a Research Scientist at the Center for Advanced Modeling and Simulation,Infosys Labs,Infosys Limited. His research interests include scheduling,simulation,4D CAD,forecasting,resource management and statistical modeling.He has published research papers in several refereed international journals and conferences.
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