The Special Needs of Disabled People in Disaster Situations

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Juni 2011



Over the past few years, several countries in Asia hit by massive natural disasters, starting from the Aceh Tsunami, 2004 to the Japanese Tsunami.2011. Natural disasters have caused severe environmental damages and considerable humanitarian casualties. It is undeniable that disasters cause permanent and impermanent disabilities to some survivors. During the time of struggle to save their lives in the disaster, some of them can lose a part of their body (leg, arm, etc) and also psychologically may suffer from trauma. They are not only physically injured but also have to deal with psychological problems as well as social problems as a consequence of their disabilities. This book provides pictures how humanitarian organizations deal with the needs of disabled people in natural disaster situations and provides analyses to what extent humanitarian organisations are failing to address the special needs of disabled people in crisis situations of natural disasters. The analysis of the problems in this book is valuable for humanitarian workers and policy makers that deal with crisis situation in natural disasters as a reference to handle disabled people in that situation.


Bahrul Fuad Masduki, M.A : Studied European Master Program for Humanitarian Assistance - NOHA. Faculty of Art - State University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Activist of Indonesian Disability Movement and social worker for community development and advocacy in Indonesian NGOs.
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