Bagehot: The English Constitution

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Paul Smith's edition of Bagehot's The English Constitution contains the original 1867 edition, and introduction to the 1872 edition.


Editor's introduction; Principal events in Bagehot's life; Note on the text and annotation; The English Constitution: Advertisement; 1. The cabinet; 2. The pre-requisites of cabinet government, and the peculiar form which they have assumed in England; 3. The monarchy; 4. The monarchy (continued); 5. The House of Lords; 6. The House of Commons; 7. On changes of ministry; 8. Its supposed checks and balances; 9. Its history, and the effects of that history; Conclusion; Introduction to the second edition (1872); Notes; Biographical notes on persons mentioned in the text; Bibliographical note; Index.


"Helpful yet unobtrusive, Smith's is an ideal introduction for those seeking to locate Bagehot in the context of his time or for those looking for an informed summary of his argument, motivation, and general purpose." Adam Tomkins, University of Oxford, Constitutional Commentary "This is one of those rare, intelligent treasures that one cherishes...In essence this is the ideal instrument for teaching about Bagehot's view of the Constitution. This edition is far more useful for the classroom." British Politics Group
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