Using Survey Data to Study Disability

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November 2003



Embracing a range of social groups and age ranges, this volume comprises the findings of a number of researchers involved in the National Health Interview Survey on Disability, which began as an annual project in the United States in 1957.


Introduction - operational definitions of disability using the NHIS-D, B.M. Altman, S.N. Barnartt; an overview of the National Health Interview Survey on Disability, G. Hendershot et al; persons with activity limitations - nonresponse and proxy response in the US National Health Interview Survey on Disability, G. Hendershot et al; classifying disability data: a fresh, integrative perspective, H. Fedeyko, D. Lollar; the impact of missing linkage data in family health research: results from the 1994-1995 National Health Interview Survey Disability Supplement, W. Witt et al; issues in job search and work accomodations for adults with disabilities, P. Loprest, E. Maag; disparities in preventive service use amongst working-age adults with mobility limitations, G. Jones, P. Beatty; access to health care and insurance for working age adults reporting mobility difficulties, L. Iazzoni et al; UNMET supportive service needs of children with disabilities, E. Maag; the health consequences of a disabled sibling for school-age children, D. Hogan et al; economic costs of mental retardation, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, and visual impairment, A. Honeycutt et al; definitions and findings on intellectual and developmental disabilities within the NHIS-D, S. Larson et al; health status of women aging with developmental disabilities - NHIS-D 1994-1995, D. Andersen; duration of disability and timing of onset L. Verbrugge, L. Yang; disability among native Americans, B. Altman, E. Rasch; comments on using the NHIS-D for policy analysis, T. Drabek.
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