Various and Ingenious Machines (2 Vols.): Volume One: Power Generation and Transport / Volume Two: Manufacturing and Weapons Technology

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Mai 2004



This two-volume work describes the pre-industrial history of mechanical engineering and covers power generation, transport, manufacturing, and weapons technology. Important items are discussed in each section and performance data are presented in easily understood graphical format using over 800 illustrations.


Volume 1 Mechanics
Chapter 1 Machine Elements
Chapter 2 Power Transmission Power generation
Chapter 3 Power, Food, and Slavery
Chapter 4 Muscular Work and Power
Chapter 5 Muscle technology
Chapter 6 Waterpower
Chapter 7 Wind and Other Sources of Power Transport
Chapter 8 Characteristics of Transport
Chapter 9 Land Transport - Prehistory and the Ancient Civilisations - Persia, Greece and Rome - Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern
Chapter 10 Land Transport technology
Chapter 11 Water Transport
Chapter 12 Ship Technology
Chapter 13 Undersea and Aerial Transport Volume 2 Manufacture
Chapter 14 Attitudes to Manufacture
Chapter 15 Agriculture - Introduction
Chapter 16 Ancient and Medieval Mining
Chapter 17 Renaissance and Early Modern Mining
Chapter 18 Ancient and Medieval Metalworking
Chapter 19 Renaissance and Early Modern Metalworking
Chapter 20 Textile Manufacture
Chapter 21 Warfare
Chapter 22 Ancient and Classical Weapons
Chapter 23 Medieval and Early Modern Weapons
Chapter 24 Weapons Technology


Bryan Lawton, Ph.D. (1970), Salford University, currently Reader in Thermal Power at Cranfield University. His research fields include engines, guns, rockets, skin burns and computer tomography. He has co-authored books on transient temperatures, ballistics, and trauma.
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