Pavement Evaluation Using a Curviameter and Deflectograph

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April 2015



Pavement evaluation is an important tool of Pavement Management System PMS. Nowadays, the general trends of pavement management is developing and adopting new technologies that can non-destructively collect continuous data about pavement condition in a faster way and causing minimal disruption to the travelling public.The Curviameter is presented here as a faster technology that measure the deflection of flexible pavement at a constant speed of 18km/hr by applying a rolling load transmitted through dual rear wheels varied between 80 and 130 KN to meet the terms of the different standards. The Deflectograph has been the main method of evaluating the structural condition of pavement in the UK. The Curviameter is compared with the Deflectograph to see if it is possible to get it accepted in the UK.


Ayad Subhy was admitted to the degree of MSc.(Eng.) with Merit in "Transport Planning and Engineering" from University of Leeds/ UK.In 2013, Ayad Subhy has started his PhD in Pavement Engineering at the University of Nottingham/UK. Since 2013, he has been working on developing modified bituminous binder by recycling tyre rubber.
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