Critique of Power

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November 1993



Axel Honneth's Critique of Power is a rich interpretation of the history of critical theory, which clarifies its central problems and emphasizes the "social" factors that should provide that theory with a normative and practical orientation.


Axel Honneth is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Konstanz.


"We owe a large debt to Axel Honneth for uncovering some of the theoretical affinities between the work of the Frankfurt School and that of Foucault... The Critique of Power is a demanding book but also an immensely rewarding one. Honneth is particularly good at bringing out the deep structure of an author's work - the basic assumptions, the subtle shifts of emphasis, the fundamental tensions and theoretical dead-ends. He conveys the complexities of an author's work without losing sight of the central themes. His criticisms are original, penetrating, and often persuasive... A work of excellent scholarship and powerful analysis which will find a place on many reading lists concerned with contemporary social theory and European thought. " John B. Thompson, Times Higher Education Supplement
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