Did My Genes Make Me Do It?: And Other Philosophical Dilemmas

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Februar 2006



World-renowned philosopher Avrum Stroll argues that there are some problems that neither scientists, theologians nor philosophers will ever be able to solve.


1 Is science the answer? 12 Is there life after death? 413 Does God exist? 804 Did my genes make me do it? 1245 Where did the universe come from? 172Glossary 222Bibliography 230Index 235


Avrum Stroll is Research Professor at the University of California, San Diego. He has also taught at the Universities of Oregon and British Columbia and has been a visiting professor at Berkeley, Iowa, and Rome. He has received numerous academic awards for his work on the philosophy of language and epistemology and is the author of sixteen books and over one hundred articles.


Dwight Furrow - Mesa College, San Diego"A model of clarity ... written in clear, non-technical prose that takes a point of view and argues for it vigorously ... providing the reader with a satisfying reading experience"Gerald Press - Hunter College and The City University of New York Graduate Center"I can imagine this book becoming a 'popular' philosophy book as Sophie's World and Tuesdays with Morrie have done at different times in the past ten years."
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