Spiritual Activism: A Jewish Guide to Leadership and Repairing the World

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Perhaps the most fundamental principle in Judaism is that every person is created in the image of God. Just as God gives and cares, so too do we have the natural capacity to be giving and caring. When we work to ignite this divine spark in those around us, and inspire them to do good for others, we engage in spiritual activism. In this provocative and challenging guidebook, renowned activist Rabbi Avi Weiss outlines the principles of spiritual activism and shows you how you can use your own divine spark to join God in partnership to repair this imperfect world. He explains the foundations of spiritual activism as rooted in Torah, the different approaches for such work, and how you can recognize the situations that are appropriate for your spiritual activist efforts. Along with the why and how, Weiss guides you in designing strategies, creating alliances and developing leadership styles that offer the greatest chance of achieving your goals.

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