ARIS - Business Process Modeling

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ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems) is a unique and internationally renowned method for optimizing business processes and implementing application systems. This book enhances the proven ARIS concept by describing product flows and explaining how to classify modern software concepts. The importance of the link between business process organization and strategic management is stressed. Bridging the gap between the different approaches in business theory and information technology, the ARIS concept provides a full-circle approach - from the organizational design of business processes to IT implementation. Featuring SAP R/3 as well, real-world examples of various standard software solutions illustrate these concepts.


A ARIS - Business Process Modeling
A.I Strategic Business Process Analysis
A.II Modeling Individual ARIS Views
A.III Modeling the Relationships between the Views (Control View)
B ARIS Procedural Models and Applications
B.I Implementing Standard Software with ARIS Models
B.II Implementing Workflow Systems Using ARIS Models
B.III Model Supported System Development Using the ARIS Framework
B.IV Object Oriented System Development Using the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
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