Dignity of Person: Concepts and Implications

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Mai 2010



Human Dignity is generally recognized to be a fundamental right. The importance of human rights can be judged simply on this basis that there are diversified views of the leaders of the world regarding almost every issue about life and its concern. However, they agree in principle that human rights should be respected. The present study investigates different aspects and dimensions of Human Dignity. The main concern is to locate the evidence and present it in a coherent form, as well as to develop new perspectives on issues and to interpret existing materials in the light of relevant theories on human dignity. It discusses relationship between different schools of thought and addresses issue of the recognition of rights in Shariah. It is an attempt to develop a fresh perspective on the concerning concepts or issues and evidence guarantee on its implementation. There is, to the best of my knowledge, no exclusive study available on the Dignity of a Person, its concept and legal implications. The task has, therefore, been somewhat challenging.


Atique Tahir has done his Doctorate Degree in Shariah and Law. He has a rich experience of teaching and research of more than 22 years. He has Court experience in Civil and Criminal Laws. His research areas of Interest are Human Rights, Legal Philosophy, Family Laws and Ethics. He has more than 15 research papers on his credit.
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