Assessing the Impact of Asset-based Community Development in Philippi

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Januar 2014



For the past decades, community development has been seen as government project. This book aims to provide public policy makers, local community development workers and non-governmental organisations with a seamless method of development, that will enable them to work together, promote maximum participation of all development stakeholders. Therefore,this book with this model,developmental as it is in its approach,aims to help development stakeholders to better understand the complex socio-economic challenges associated with establishing integrated development plans (IDPs) and effective local economic development (LED) required for formulating and sustaining the results demanded by the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs).


The book examines the levels of service delivery in Philippi, South Africa, through Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)and it suggests this model as a model that can be used to confront the challenges of underdevelopment, the mobilisation and sustaining of local economic development.
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