Occupational stress and Job satisfaction in a public enterprise

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Dezember 2011



Occupational stress over the years remains a center of debate in many developed countries whereas very few writers have giving it relevance in developing countries. Its far reaching physical and economic consequences such as cardiovascular diseases, physical challenges, raising cost of social insurance and untimely death have an impediment to economic growth and development. This book therefore provides an analytical perspective into the context of a developing country and particularly the largest agro-industrial company in Cameroon; were workers are confronted with specific operational targets in conformity to the performance contract with limited resources. Several and distinctive concepts, models and theories on workers' perception within the working environment are analyzed. Hence this study shed lights to not only to human resources managers, manager per say but also to employees in divergent sectors of any economy to appreciate the relationship that exists between perception about the workplace and their overall job satisfaction. As a result, counteracting pressure within their control can be overwhelming in quality service delivery and work life.


He is a holder of a Professional Master (Engr.) in Development Facilitation and a B.Sc degree in Economics from the Higher Institute of the Sahel of the University of Maroua and Buea in Cameroon respectively. His areas of expertise are Business development, Project identification, planning, monitoring and evaluation.
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