Planning Landscape

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When developing a design concept in a realizable plan, landscape architects oscillate between two different levels of criteria: the tangible design task in context with the planning typology of the park, playground, outdoor swimming pool, or sports facilities, and the individual elements such as steps, ramps, pathways, fenced-in enclosures, outdoor furniture, and so on. Planning Landscape is a well-conceived tool for the planner, which focuses on the two main aspects of "elements" and "typologies". The planner can flexibly shift between these two according to the specific criterion. The publication presents all information relevant to the planning in a detailed, clear, and cohesive manner. These two main chapters are flanked by an introductory chapter explaining the basics and determining factors of designing in open spaces at the front of the book, andan appendix at the end of the book where general dimensions and units,directives and norms are all clearly compiled.


Die Herausgeberin Astrid Zimmermann ist selbständige Landschaftsarchitektin und wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Fachgebiet Landschaftsbau-Objektbau an der TU Berlin. Sie betreut Studienprojekte und lehrt im Hauptstudium in den Wahlpflichtfächern.
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Untertitel: Dimensions, Elements, Typologies. 750 Schwarz-Weiß- Abbildungen, 150 Schwarz-Weiß- Fotos, 600 Schwarz-Weiß- Zeichnungen. Sprache: Englisch.
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