Nanomedicine: A targeted combat against cancer stem cells?

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Januar 2015



The recent advances in nanotechnology and nanomedicine and nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems targeting different chronic diseases can offer promising therapeutic and diagnostic abilities allowing specific delivery of the drugs to the targeted tissue and therefore improving drug efficacy and minimizing side effects.Recent advances in the design of engineered nanoparticles have offered new perspectives for novel theranostics capable of improving both the therapy and diagnosis of various diseases in a single multifunctional platform.


Dr. AS Shaik is a Senior Research Specialist in Nanobiotechnology with King Saud University Medical City. Dr. G Das is an expert on signal transduction pathways in cancers; Dr. A Al Faraj, Associate Professor,College of Applied Medical Sciences,King Saud University works primarily on novel multimodality imaging of nanomaterials in various diseases
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