Liberation Square: Inside the Egyptian Revolution and the Rebirth of a Nation

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With coverage of the Egyptian elections, this title looks at the revolution that transformed the modern history of Cairo, one of the world's oldest civilizations.


ASHRAF KHALIL has covered the Middle East for the "The Times "(London), " The Economist, Foreign Policy, "the" San Francisco Chronicle, ""The Christian Science Monitor, " and the Middle East edition of" Rolling Stone." He worked as a correspondent for the "Los Angeles Times" in the Baghdad and Jerusalem bureaus and has been based in Cairo for most of the last fifteen years.


"A thrilling account of Egypt's revolution. . . . What's remarkable about "Liberation Square" is how good it is, how well written, how perfectly calibrated in its amounts of background, commentary and prognostication--and above all how thrilling it is to read." --"Salon
""Egyptian journalist Ashraf Khalil confounds expectations with an insightful account that feels rich.... It is difficult to imagine a better guide to the Egyptian portion of the so-called Arab Spring than Khalil's book "Liberation Square".... [Khalil] offers plenty of wisdom, along with action-packed reportage, along the way." --"Christian Science Monitor
""Compelling, nuanced, and engaging. . . . Blends astute observations with reportage of the demonstrations as they unfolded. . . . Khalil's account is essential reading, evoking the urgency and vitality of the Arab spring's Egyptian chapter." --"Publishers Weekly" (starred review)
"Khalil's illuminating reporting situates the revolt in the stultifying decades that preceded it...He does an admirable job pulling together the threads of the early dissident and activist efforts rooted in the late 1990s." --"The Daily Beast
""A personal account that will be appreciated by those looking to move beyond the day's headlines, from one who wrote some of the stories published under those headlines." --"Kirkus Reviews"
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