Identification & analysis of suitable drug like compound for NDM-1

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Dezember 2011



It has been reported that many tested and established antibiotics does not perform well in general and sometimes it is totally ineffective in specific cases. This inactiveness is inhibited by presence of some unwanted proteins received from different origins. In the present book one of such enzymes named NDM-1, its behavior and hindrance characteristics in the working of certain group of antibiotics wiz. A Carbapenem antibiotic has been addressed thoroughly. The mechanism of hindrance to particular group of drugs especially Polymyxins and Tigecycline antibiotics has been very frequently observed. To alleviate this undesirable situation docking of possible drug compounds with diseased proteins has been exhibited. Further, out of possible drug compounds best drug compound is identified after docking exercise of drugs over NDM-1. The best performing drug has been identified as CID 6249, Stock1n-13321 and CID 2174. The sole purpose of writing this book is to encourage similar researches. So as the solution of ineffectiveness of established, very important and life saving antibiotics may be obtained by and large in wide spectrum.


M. Sc.: V. B. S. Purvanchal University Jaunpur (U.P.), M. Phil.: Global Open University Nagaland, APGD: CSJM University Kanpur (U.P.), India. Information Officer (R & D) at Sub-DIC Bioinformatics, National Institute of Technology Raipur (Institute of National Importance), (C.G) India.
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