Burning Mouth Syndrome And Its Pharmacological Management - A Review

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Februar 2015



Burning mouth syndrome is typically characterized by burning and painful sensations in an oral cavity demonstrating clinically normal mucosa. This provides substantiation for the term burning mouth syndrome (BMS). It is less understood condition with multifactorial etiology.The use of capsaicin, alphalipoic acid, cognitive behavioral therapy and clonazepam were shown to reduce the symptoms of BMS patients, while hormone replacement therapy, anti-depressants and analgesics were shown to be ineffective.This review was based on evidence from electronic search engines, text books and views from experts in this field.


Dr. Ashish Lanjekar B D S , M D S , Asso. Professor Oral Medicine And Radiology, Swargiya Dadasaheb Kalmegh Smruti Dental College and Hospital.Nagpur- 441110
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