Sweet Spot: How to Maximize Marketing for Business Growth

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November 2006



Hit Your Company's Sweet Spot...
The sweet spot is that moment in sports when effort and talent combine perfectly to produce smooth and successful execution. When baseball's best hitters find the sweet spot, they can make the hardest task in sports look easy.
What if your business could make growth and innovation look easy? What if you could beat the competition day in and day out? Now you can. When you bring innovative branding and marketing together with smart leadership and great products, making customers happy is a walk in the park. If you want to learn how to align all the parts of your business to create a competitive advantage-and long-lasting success-it's time to find your Sweet Spot.
"Arun Sinha confronts the realities of marketing. The book is packed with contemporary examples. An easy and compelling read."
-Ram Charan, bestselling coauthor of Execution and Confronting Reality
"Sweet Spot demystifies and simplifies the complexity surrounding marketing and branding. Sinha's personal storytelling, experience, and business examples provide an easy framework for achieving marketing nirvana and creating business advantage."
-Allan Steinmetz, CEO, Inward Strategic Consulting, Inc.
"I am in heated agreement with Arun Sinha that success comes to those companies where marketing is central to the business. The question is how to actually make this happen. Arun gives us a thorough examination of what the world's best companies do specifically to maximize their marketing game, and how they get all the pieces of the organization in perfect alignment to hit the 'sweet spot' of success."
-Shelly Lazarus, Chairman and CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide


PART ONE: Marketing needs to change. To get a sense of marketing the way it should be, you need to understand how companies get into the sweet spots of the business world.
Chapter 1. Marketing, Sweet Marketing.
Chapter 2. Sweet Spotting.
Chapter 3. The Qualifying Rounds.
Chapter 4. Growing around in Circles.
PART TWO: How do you get into a sweet spot? You develop the right skills, marketing skills. You have to mine minds, demarcate demand, turn you logo into an icon, mobilize champions-in-chief, and employ advocates-not workers.
Chapter 5. Mining Minds.
Chapter 6. Demarcating Demand.
Chapter 7. From Logo to Icon.
Chapter 8. Champions-in-Chief.
Chapter 9. Employ Advocates, Not Workers.
Chapter 10. The Stuff That Marketing Is Made of.


Arun Sinha is the Chief Marketing Officer at Pitney Bowes, where he is respons-ible for marketing, brand management, public and media relations, Web strategy, and marketing research worldwide. Throughout his career in senior marketing positions, he has successfully launched twenty new brands and grown the brand equity of many world-renowned brands at Colgate-Palmolive, the Ford Motor Company, Philip Morris, and Pitney Bowes.

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