The New Development Management: Critiquing the Dual Modernization

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April 2008



The book attempts to bridge the current division between development and management studies by constructing a critique of "development management"--an approach to development that blends seemingly objective and neutral claims of managerialism with notions of modernity and other connected utopian ideas of "Third World" progress. Some of these approaches are affiliated with the growing field of critical management studies; others are from the development world, turning their critical frames of reference to address increasingly managerialized development processes and practices.


Foreword: Hugh Willmott (Cardiff)1) Introduction. The New Development Management: A Dual Modernization Sadhvi Dar (Cambridge) and Bill Cooke (Manchester)2) The Rise of Global Managerialism and the World Bank. Jonathan Murphy (Cardiff)3) "Arrive Bearing Gifts..." Organization, Postcolonialism and Views of the Other. Kate Kenny (Cambridge)4) Institutional Isomorphism and Small NGOs in Tanzania Tiina Kontinen (Helsinki)5) NGO Advocacy and Marketing: Handloom Weavers in India Nidhi Srinivas (New School University New York)6) Managing Between Medical and Development Discourses Gianluca Miscone (Milan)7) Development and the New Public Management: Projects and Logframes as Discursive Technologies of Governance. Ron Kerr (Lancaster).8) The Discursive Management of Good Governance. Jilles van Gastel (Wageningen)9) Change and Value Engineering: A Critical Development/Management Perspective on Participation and Institutional Development Naeem Khalid (SOAS)10) Participatory Management As Colonial Administration*. Bill Cooke (Manchester)11) Borders in an (In)Visible World: NPM's Privileging the 'New World Order'. Kym Thorne & Alex Kouzmin (University of South Australia)12) Don't Compromise Your Desire for Development: A Lacanian/Deluezian Rethinking of the Anti-Politics Machine. Pieter de Vries (Wageningen University)13) Sadhvi Dar: "Realizing Development: Reports, Realities and Re-envisioning the Self". Sadhvi Dar (Cambridge).


Bill Cooke is Senior Lecturer in Organisational Analysis at Manchester Business School and Visiting Professor at FGV- EAESP Sao Paulo Brazil.Sadhvi Dar has recently completed her doctoral studies at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.
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