Social Inequality in Oaxaca: A History of Resistance and Change

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Dezember 1991



Analyzes the urbanization of one area from its origins more than two thousand years ago. This book examines Oaxaca, Mexico, paying particular attention to neighborhoods, families and economic activities, and focuses on issues of poverty and inequality.


Illustrations and Tables Foreword Henry A. Selby Acknowledgments Acronyms 1. Introduction 2. A Social History of Oaxaca 3. People and Places: Oaxaca's Social Geography 4. Contemporary Economics 5. Community-Level Adaptation 6. Family and Household: Oaxaca's Social Firmament 7. Four Households 8. Conclusion Notes Further Reading References Index


Arthur D. Murphy is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Georgia State University.


"Anthropologists Murphy and Stepick trace urbanization in the capital city of the state of Oaxaca for more than 2,000 years. Their study represents a micro perspective that describes the colonias populares, the poor neighborhoods, and the struggles of Oaxacans to survive and improve life in marginal communities... The book is well organized, with excellent annotated footnotes and a reading list." --Choice "Murphy and Stepick catch Oaxaca at a special time in its history. When the illustrious works of theory in the academic disciplines have faded, when Foucault is a footnote and deconstruction derided, books like this one will still be valuable. A portrait of a city during the most difficult period of its country's recent economic history." --Henry A. Selby (from the Foreword)
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