Negotiated Reform

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November 2015



Multilevel structures are becoming increasingly characteristic of the world in which we live. This book is a unique study of policy making in a multilevel political system extending from the national to the international level. Taking as its subject the process of financial market reforms that took place following the recent financial crisis, it brings together an international group of renowned social scientists to explore the interplay between international organizations, European authorities, and regulators in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany in global financial decision making. Contributors thoroughly explore a small set of reform issues--including bank structure, bank capital, resolution, and over-the-counter trading of derivatives--to provide a detailed view of the vertical and horizontal interactions between these actors as related to a set of key questions: Are those states affected by the crisis adopting internationally negotiated regulations? Or are they instead determining the European and international reform agenda? Are the agreed upon policies contributing to greater harmonization of financial regulation in a multilevel political system? Or is the process being dominated by differing national interests?



1 Introduction: Regulatory Reform in a Multilevel Action System

Renate Mayntz 7

2 The Governance Shift: From Multilateral IGOs to Orchestrated Networks

Lora Anne Viola 17

3 International Institutions in the Process of Financial Market Regulatory Reform

Renate Mayntz 37

4 Patchwork Pacesetter: The United States in the Multilevel Process of Financial Market Regulation

Peter J. Ryan and J. Nicholas Ziegler 65

5 The European Union and the Post-Crisis Multilevel Reform of Financial Regulation

Lucia Quaglia 97

6 The UK in the Multilevel Process of Financial Market Regulation: Global Pace-Setter or National Outlier?

Scott James 121

7 Germany in the Context of the Multilevel Reform Process

Roman Goldbach and Hubert Zimmermann 139

8 The Multilevel Dynamics of Regulatory Reform

Arthur Benz and Renate Mayntz 163

Abbreviations 191

Contributors 193


Renate Mayntz ist Direktor emeritus am Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung (MPIfG) in Köln.
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