Fishing Southern Illinois

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Dezember 1986



"Now, let's find out where those fish are and how to catch a few," says Art Reid in his Preface. And that is the essence of this comprehensive guide to fishing in Southern Illinois. In the colorful language of one who has fished the waters and swapped tales over many a campfire, Reid draws upon more than 25 years of experience fishing the United States and several foreign countries. Liberally spiced with anecdotes, this book tells not only where the fish are and how to catch them but who catches them: no history of fishing in Southern Illinois would be complete without an abundance of profiles of the colorful people who for years have been dedicated anglers. The stories are fun and related with verve, the people fascinating, and the information as com-plete as a fisherman could find anywhere.


For more than 12 years Art Reid has been host of the well-known TV show, "Outdoors with Art Reid." Broadcast to millions of viewers throughout America, the 529 episodes of "Outdoors with Art Reid" feature fishing more than any other sport.
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