Quantities, Symbols, Units, and Abbreviations in the Life Sciences

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April 1999



Quantities, Symbols, Units, and Abbreviations in the Life Sciences is a reliable compilation of the most up-to-date recommendations for using units, symbols, abbreviations, and acronyms in scientific publications across the biological sciences. Drawing on the authority of the various nomenclature committees of the many international societies in the biosciences, as well as on the editors of prestigious scientific journals, and on eminent individuals active in scientific publishing, this essential reference provides authors and editors with easy access to the authoritative usage of the universally accepted terms they need for clear scientific communication. The compiled symbols, units, and abbreviations are defined, with commentary and some etymological background frequently provided. The diverse scope of disciplines treated includes biochemistry, molecular biology, medicine, genetics, immunology, and virology, plus appropriate sections on mathematics, physics, and chemistry.


Mathematics. Dimensionless Quantities. Arabic and Roman Numerals. Statistics. Greek Alphabet. Physics. Base Units. Space and Time. Classical Mechanics. Electricity and Magnetism. Radiation. Some Useful Physical and Mathematical Constants. Units and Magnitudes of Logarithmic Quantities. Chemistry and Biology. Right Subscripts. Left Subscripts. General Chemistry. Aggregation States. Chemical Elements. Physical Chemistry. Organic and Structural Chemistry. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Amino Acids. Sugars and Derivatives. Nucleic Acids, Their Components and Derivatives. Plant Lectins. Vitamins. Miscellaneous Abbreviations in Biochemistry. Miscellaneous Abbreviations in Molecular Biology. Methods and Techniques in Biochemistry and Biophysics. Reagents and Technical Terms Related to Methods. Buffers. Enzyme Kinetics. Restriction Endonucleases. Cell Biology. Genetics. Chromosomes. Genes and Their Expression Products. Prokaryotes. Eukaryotic Microorganisms. Plants. Animals. Taxonomy. Suffixes for Taxonomical Categories. Virology. Microbiology. Plant Physiology. Animal Physiology. Pharmacology. Immunology. Medicine. General. Diseases. Syndromes. Techniques. Soil Biology. Soil Phases. Soil Moisture Regime. Soil Temperature Regime. Vegetation. Soil Color. Soil Texture. Human-introduced Crops. Master Soil Horizons. Paleontology. Psychology. Units Uniquely Used. Acronyms for Tests, Examinations, etc. Acronyms for Terms. Notes on Abbreviations in General Use in Scientific Writing.


"...a must for editors, and a very useful one for everybody from cell biologists to psychologists in the life sciences. A copy should certainly be in most libraries, and readily available wherever papers, theses, reports and abstracts are being written."-Cell Biology International
"...This book is an essential resource for authors and editors of biological literature and should be in any library supporting such work."-American Reference Books Annual
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