In Situ Soil Remediation

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September 1997



In situ remediation techniques have experienced a boom over the last few years, thereby producing a wide range of valuable experiences. Their results have demonstrated that in situ techniques are a mature alternative to conventional remediation techniques. Irrespective of future policy developments, it is impossible to imagine future remediation practice without the use of in situ techniques. The book presents an overview of recent developments in the field of in situ soil remediation. The book is unique in that it is not a compilation of unrelated case studies. A conceptual approach has been chosen; remediation models described in this book are illustrated from a practical point of view. The authors present the Dutch way of treating contaminated land; The Netherlands is renowned for being at the forefront of remediation techniques as a result of the country's progressiveness and experience in this area.


1. Introduction. 2. Processes Underlying in Situ Remediation Techniques. 3. How to Apply in Situ Soil Remediation. 4. From Investigation to Remediation Practice. 5. Practice Cases. 6. Bottlenecks. 7. Most Frequently Asked Questions. 8. The Role of In Situ Remediation in the Remediation Practice. 9. Reference List. Appendix 1.


`This well-written, slim, Volume 6 in the Soil & Environment series presents a valuable introduction to the topic of in situ soil remediation. I would be glad to use this book for the introductory courses on remediation offered to our professionals in the environmental field.'
Soil Science, 164:12 (1999)

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