Heroes of the Kabuki Stage: An Introduction to Kabuki with Retellings of Famous Plays, Illustrated by Woodblock Prints

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Januar 2004



"Heroes of the kabuki stage" is written for kabuki lovers and collectors of kabuki woodblock prints, eager to know more about the interesting images on their prints. This lavishly illustrated book has no precedent in a Western language outside Japan. The introduction to this form of theatrical art is placed in the historical and social context of Tokugawa and Meiji Japan between 1603 and 1912. Many of the conventions in the theatre are explained and practically all aspects of kabuki are investigated. The evolution of the playhouse itself, the fascinating interaction between actors and audiences, as well as the development of plays are discussed. There is no other theatre tradition with such elaborate costumes, make-up and variety of acting styles, and these aspects are explained in detail. A brief historical outline of actor prints and their designers, from both Edo (present-day Tokyo) and Osaka, is also included.


Arendie H. Herwig-Kempers was the first female orthopaedic surgeon in the Netherlands. After a career of almost 20 years in the operating theatre, she turned to Art History and obtained her Master's degree in architecture, from Leiden University. She regularly writes articles about architecture and Japanese art. Henk J. Herwig is a retired Associate Professor of Zoology and Cell Biology at Utrecht University in The Netherlands and since 1992 has been Editor-in-chief of Andon, the renowned Bulletin of the Society for Japanese Arts.


"The large, coffee-table quality book offers a particularly engaging,
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