Video Engineering

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August 1999



Fine-tune your skills to meet today's digital video challenges. The all-new Third Edition of Video Engineering, by Arch Luther and Andrew Inglis, gives you instant access to formats, standards and technology for capturing, storing, editing, transmitting and reproducing all kinds of video. From cutting-edge digital postproduction technology to streaming video on the Internet, this desktop database of essential video knowledge puts your professional career in high gear! You'll master the techniques required for flawless operation of next-generation technology, including: digital HDTV; computer And internet video formats; digital cameras and recorders; receivers and monitors; CATV And satellite TV systems; and more.


<H3> Video System Fundamentals.<H3> Color Video Fundamentals.<H3> Introduction to Digital Technology.<H3> Elements of Image Quality.<H3> Audio Technology for Video.<H3> Analog Video Systems.<H3> Digital Video Systems--DTV.<H3> Digital Video Systems--Computers.<H3> Video Cameras.<H3> Professional Video Recorders.<H3> Home and Semiprofessional Video Recorders.<H3> Video Postproduction Systems.<H3> Television Receivers and Video Monitors.<H3> Digital Video Display Systems.<H3> Interactive Video Systems.<H3> Terrestrial Broadcasting Systems.<H3> CATV Systems.<H3> Satellite Video Communications.<H3> Fiber-Optic Transmission Systems.<H3> Video on the Internet.<H3> The Future of Video Systems.


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