The Fire, the Star and the Cross: Minority Religions in Medieval and Early Modern Iran

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April 2006



This book offers a comprehensive discussion of the cultural, economic, and political achievements of religious groups that resisted assimilation to Islam in the Middle East. Focusing on Iran--which offers unique opportunities for the study of Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians--who all lived as minorities under Muslim rule there, the book covers the 6th through the 18th century.


Aptin Khanbaghi is a scholar of Iranian history, based at the Margaret Beaufort Institute, University of Cambridge


"'Aptin Khanbaghi has written an important and fascinating book which aims to present a thorough evaluation of the historical contributions made by religious minorities - Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians - to the societal and cultural physiognomy of the lands of Iran in pre-modern and early modern times. His general perspective and his broad treatment of the topic are quite new, while his use of sources and of the secondary literature is genuinely impressive. The Fire, the Star and the Cross makes a very significant and original contribution to our knowledge and understanding of Iranian history and civilization during an era when the foundations were laid for the emerging modern Iranian state.' BERT G FRAGNER, Director of the Institute of Iranian Studies, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna"
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