Biographical Companion to Literature in English

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August 1997



The lives and principal literary achievements of over 1500 writers are outlined in brief essays that emphasize the links between the life and art of each writer.


Antony Kamm has held various positions relating to the publishing world for over 20 years. He has served as editor at Oxford University Press, lecturer in publishing studies at the University of Stirling and as Senior Education Officer with the Commonwealth Secretariat. He has also served as a consultant for UNESCO, the World Bank and other international organizations in countries such as South Asia, the West Indies, and Africa. His publications include A Dictionary of British and Irish Writers and The Romans, an Introduction, as well as several book reviews and article contributions to Hutchinson's and Everyman's Encyclopedias.


...a reference work that is at once extremely useful and enjoyable to read. AB Bookman's Weekly Literary biographies in reference collections are as thick as fallen leaves in late autumn. Nevertheless, in recognition of their ability to capture the essence of their subjects' lives and work, Kamm's biographies despite their brevity, merit inclusion among even the most extensive collections of literary biography. Rettig On Reference ...substantive information, yet...usable as a quick reference source and can be easily scanned for key facts...a solidly balanced work...well-chosen literary representatives. American Reference Books Annual
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