Antiphon the Sophist: The Fragments

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Complete edition, including a translation, of all the evidence for this philosophical contemporary of Socrates.


Conspectus siglorum et symbolorum; Introduction; Texts and translations; Commentary.


Gerard Pendrick received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Columbia University. He specializes in ancient Greek and Latin and has taught at Columbia, Emory, and Oglethorpe Universities as well as at Georgia State. His research interests include ancient philosophy, rhetoric and medicine. He has published numerous articles on these topics in American and European periodicals, and his edition of the fragments of the sophist Antiphon appeared in the Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries series published by Cambridge University Press in 2002. He is currently at work on a short article on Virgil's Aeneid as well as on a monograph about the origins of natural law theory in ancient Greece.


Review of the hardback: '... a worthy addition to a famous series. The book is designed and destined to become the standard text ... a foundational text which is unlikely to be superseded for many decades ... we needed this book to give us a firm basis for future work.' The Heythrop Journal
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