Agroforestry for Soil Management

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Dezember 1997



In agroforestry, trees are grown in association with crops, pastures or livestock. Soil management has always been a central consideration, and in the earliest form of agroforestry, shifting cultivation, soil fertility was the main objective. This extensively revised edition provides the background and detailed techniques for soil management through agroforestry. It incorporates the significant progress made since the previous edition in 1989 and includes important results from longterm studies. This practical volume is essential reading for agroforestry students and a valuable sourcebook for anyone concerned with sustainable development.


Agroforestry, soil management and sustainability; soil and water conservation; soil water management; soil organic matter and physical properties; nutrient cycling and nutrient use efficiency; the role of roots; technologies for soil management; modelling; research; agroforestry, land use and the environment.


"The body of agroforestry literature has changed our understanding so substantially since publication of the previous edition that this current volume represents a completely new synthesis, rather than minor updating. The latter is about a third larger than the previous edition, and about four-fifths of the 700 literature citations have been published since 1989. Discussion has been expanded substantially in topics such as the role of roots, modeling, nutrient cycling and nutrient-use efficiency, and hedgerow intercropping . . . [I]mprovements ... include a significant increase in the number and quality of photographs, concise chapter summaries, and an improved index . . . The previous edition of this book has been a highly-cited and valued reference. Agroforestry for Soil Management should occupy no less a position on the shelves of teachers, students and anyone who is involved or interested in agroforestry--especially tropical agroforestry."--The Quarterly Review of Biology
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