The New Historical Dictionary of the American Film Industry

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Juni 1998



Now in Paperback! A unique reference work, a 'what's what' of the history of filmmaking not only in Hollywood but throughout the United States. More than 750 entries document the history of studios, production companies and distributors, and provide complete information on technical innovations, genres, industry terms, and organizations.


Anthony Slide has published over fifty pioneering works on film history. In 1990 he was awarded an honorary doctorate of letters by Bowling Green University.


Not only does it tell you a lot of things you never knew before but also included is a bibliography in case you want to read more on a particular subject. Rapport ...a valuable reference work. The Silent Film Monthly ...offers a handy reference to many subjects that would ordinarily require a great deal of research...this is an updated and greatly expanded version of Slide's landmark 1986 reference work...the latest version, with more than 200 new entries and much revision, is an even better job-cold facts are written with understanding. American Cinematographer other single work is as up-to-date or covers the same ground...a worthwhile addition to any general library collection. CHOICE important addition to the cinephile's shelf...even casual readers will find fascinating tidbits...authoritative, useful, and even fun. Bright Lights Film Journal The book excels in detailing obscure production and releasing companies of the silent era; one would be hard-pressed to find another source of information about the Blaney-Spooner Feature Film Company of 1913...contains so much exclusive, well-detailed information that it demands inclusion on any film buff's bookshelf. Past Times Like most successful subject dictionaries, this one inspires the user to browse. The text is ripe with anecdotes and very amusing. This unique volume is highly recommended for even general reference collections. It deserves a place on the shelf next to the many biographical film dictionaries. American Reference Books Annual This is a useful reference book. Communication Booknotes Quarterly Slide's erudition, incisive analyses and extensive coverage of the multitude of film companies that have come and gone through the years should make his volume an essential purchase for most libraries, whether or not they have the original edition. Reference and User Services Quarterly
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