Revolution, Economics and Religion: Christian Political Economy, 1798 1833

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Professor Waterman analyses the story of the 'intellectual repulse of revolution', and describes the ideological alliance of political economy and Christian theology after 1798.


List of figures; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; 1. Polemic, ideology and 'christian political economy'; 2. The first Essay on Population: political economy; 3. The first Essay on Population: theology; 4. The reconstruction of Malthusian theodicy: Paley and Sumner; 5. Oxford contributions: Copleston and Whately; 6. Chalmers and the establishment; 7. The end of christian political economy; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.


"In this carefully argued book, A.M.C. Waterman explores an important theme in late eighteenth- and early-nineteenth century British intellectual history." Catholic Historical Review "Th[is]...volume...shows energy and scholarly rigor and is very stimulating." Albion " of those books which exemplifies the eye for detail and depth of inquiry to which all scholars aspire. In the process of defending 19th Centural Christian Political Economy, he weaves an intricate historical tapestry of personalities, library collections, correspondence and institutional rivalries. Most significantly, he brings to the forefront significant insights into the interaction between the development of economic theory, theology, and political philosophy at the onset of the 19th century." Roger Johnson, Bulletin of the Association of Christian Economists "This is a clearly structured and well-written book on the sort of interdisciplinary issue that we all pay homage to but seldom engage in...There is a great deal of very valuable material here: the delineation of the common ground between Godwin and Malthus; the extent to which Godwin adumbrates Marxian thought; the connection between Abraham Tucker and Malthus; the emphasis on theology and the importance of doctrine to those intended for the Church; and the importance of Paley at Cambridge. Much can be learned by paying attention to what Waterman has to say on these issues." Salim Rashid, History of Political Economy
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