Cosmology Revealed: Living Inside the Cosmic Egg

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Dezember 2000



This book presents a clear explanation of the nature of the universe, including a special color feature incorporated in the book that offers three-dimensional views of the surrounding universe to ever greater depths. It assumes no prior knowledge of astronomy or cosmology and will attract general readers and beginning amateur astronomers. It provides much more on large-scale structures than other popular-level cosmology books. The mix of cosmology, large scale structures, anthropic principle, and perspectives on the universe is unique.


At home in the universe.
Living inside the cosmic egg.
The expanding universe.
The cosmic labyrinth.
Long ago and far away.
Falling for the Great Attractor.
Gravity and Antigravity.
Einstein's universe.
The limits of science.
Living in a special place.
Living in a special time.
Living in a special universe.


From the reviews:
"Cosmology Revealed: Living Inside the Cosmic Egg is the product of a person like us, a planetarium director who takes joy in introducing astronomy to the public. ... The language is clear, concise, and very readable. The illustrations and images contained in each chapter are perfect complements to the text. ... To anyone looking to recommend a good book on cosmology, this is ideal." (Francine Jackson, Planetarian, March, 2007)
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