International Logistics

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Both academia and the real world are showing a vastly increased interest in international logistics. Although this book covers the entire topic, it may not contain sufficient detail to answer all questions. The topic-and the challenge­ is much larger than any single book can cover! A number of people helped us, and their assistance should be recognized. They include Robert L. Argentieri, Eunice Coleman, Patricia J. Daugherty, Robert Derbin, Robert Hannus, Ken Knox, Douglas Long, Eugene L. Magad, Dale S. Rogers, Robert Rouse, John Silvey, and Clyde Kenneth Walter. This book is designed for both the business world and the classroom. A separate Instructor's Manual has been prepared and may be requested on school letterhead from Chapman & Hall. International Logistics 1 Introduction This book is about international logistics and the international logistics system. International means that it will deal with transactions involving indi viduals or firms in more than one nation. Logistics means the organized movement of goods, ser­ vices, and, sometimes, people. Logistics was originally a military term. For exam­ ple, in author Tom Clancy's novel, Red Storm Rising, Russian General Alekseyev thought to himself about a battlefield situation: "The tactics ... no, amateurs dis­ cuss tactics. Professional soldiers study logistics. ,,1 When one speaks of the intema­ tionallogistics system, he means that huge array of carriers, forwarders, bankers, traders, and so on that facilitate international transactions, trades, and movements of goods and services. Communications are important, and a logistics system in­ cludes whatever communication capability it needs.


Preface; Introduction; Governments' interest in international logistics; Logistics and transportation in different parts of the world; Ocean ships and shipping; Chartering bulk ocean carriers; The ocean liner conference system; International air transportation; Land transport to and from ports, and to and from Canada and Mexico; Seaports, airports, canals, and tunnels; International logistics functions and intermediaries; Terms of sales and terms of payment; Documentation and insurance; Logistics of export product movement; International sourcing; Logistics of famine relief; Logistics as a tool for integrating international operations; Future issues in logistics; Index.


A most useful textbook for students and those considering logistics as a career route. - Logistics Focus; The authors have filled a gap in the business logistics arena ... a suitable text for use in international transportation and logistics courses. - Defense Transportation Journal, June 1997
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