The Practice of Repair during Conversational Discourse in EFL classes

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Mai 2010



Language teaching is always in a dynamic line of change from a focus on grammar to the study of language use in specific social and pedagogical settings. So if language teaching is a genuine professional enterprise, teachers should log into investigating classroom dynamics and implementing new practices. Likewise, to properly understand and implement these new practices, features of classroom discourse should be dealt on so that insights could be obtained to better enhance EFL learning as well as understand the nature of institutional conversation. Thus, this book is meant to provide descriptions, based on practically observed classroom episodes, on the nature of meaning negotiation strategy in specific institutional discourse i.e the nature of repair in the context of English as a Foreign Language class. The analysis made from the transcribed corpus of four video recorded lessons can help language teachers, students,applied linguists as well as anyone who is interested in the study of corpus linguistics to look into the organization of talk in classroom interaction as well as the nature of different organizational strategies during conversational discourse.


Anteneh Getachew Damtew.BEd in English from Dilla College of Teachers Education and Health Sciences and MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia,2009.Lecturer in the Department of Foreign Languages, Mekelle University, Ethiopia. Currently conducting a research on the implementation of LCI in the University.
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Untertitel: The case of first year students of the Department of Foreign languages at Mekelle University. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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