A Song Out of Harlem

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Dezember 1980



Rivers.- Rivers.- Nothing Went Untouched This Morning.- Nuflo de Olaño.- Window Woman.- Night.- In Spain, In Harlem.- Puerto Rican Vineyard.- Pablo.- Charles Street.- Song Out of Harlem.- Lost Heroes.- Alberto Moreau, Compañero.- Compañeras.- Pablo Again.- Brazil, New York, Chile, Nicaragua, and Angola.- What Do You Dream Of?.- Country.- Song to My Party.- Country.- Old Black Women.- You Came To Me.- Like A Flower Grown from Fire.- Like Me You Come from Clay, Fiery Clay.- How Little Survives Our Wars, Oshun.- Song of a River, Woman.- Out of the Struggle Life's Handed Us.- From Your Small Breasts of Bronze.- City of Sores.- Dusktrain of the Underground Railroad.- City of Sores: In Four Movements.- 1. (Folia): The City.- 2. (Minuet in Duet): African Twist, Latin Boogaloo, Then Shingaling.- 3. (Passacaglia Blues): City of Sores.- 4. (Chorale Coda): Percussion Bittersweet.


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