Metaeconomics: Stochastics & Nanotech

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Januar 2015



The book is dedicated to modern multicriterial stochastic, game & neural network analysis when modelling the sustainable economic development incl. risk evaluation, commercialization of nanotechnologies, financing and global talent competitivity. A. Ludhiyani, S. Joshi accent the importance of risk evaluation and propose the systematic evaluation of strategic behavior in this field etc. In other article, they used Monte Carlo simulation for evaluating the strategy necessary to get the maximum shareholder returns. The study of A. V. Rutkauskas is dedicated to insight stochastic network as an appropriate means for disclosure of country's development sustainability potential. He discusses the stochastic network model of universal sustainability code for country development by matching development interests, disposable resources' allocation a/o characteristics of complex adaptive systems. A. Buracas, V. Navickas, S. Girdzijauskas evaluates the global talent competitiveness based on multiple criteria assessment, its empirical values in the Baltic States, their reliability as a criteria for distributing investments in knowledge.


Antanas Buracas, Ed.-in-Chief, Prof.emeritus, Fellow at World Innovation Found. & Lithuan. Acad. Sci.; Aleksandras Rutkauskas, Vytas Navickas - finance professors, Lithuanian University of Education Science. Arpit Ludhiyani, Satyadhar Joshi - researchers, Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology and Science, India. Stasys Girdzijauskas Prof. emeritus
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