A Shop of One's Own: Independence and Reputation Among Traders in Aleppo

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Dezember 2005



Traders, bazaaris and shop-keepers constitute a very important social and economic category in the Middle East. Based upon extensive fieldwork carried out by Annika Rabo among the traders of Aleppo, it sheds new light on how this politically sensitive social group views itself and others in the prevalent atmosphere of economic liberalization and political reform following the death of Syrian President Hafez al-Asad of Syria. The author assesses the traders' views on commerce, elections and the Syrian political succession and places them within the local market context in Aleppo, the context of the Syrian state and that of the traders' many international links.


Annika Rabo is a researcher with the Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences and is Assistant Professor of Social Anthropology at Linkoping University, Sweden.


"'A Shop of One's Own' is enormously rich empirically. It is also well organized...and articulately and clearly written. Annika Rabo is free of biases and faithfully transmits the views and situations of the people she is studying, albeit interspersed with analysis that adds understanding to the social facts recounted. - Ray Hinnebusch, Professor of International Relations and Middle East Studies, University of St. Andrews"
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