Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust

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Includes five additional chapters that cover recent trends, as well as rediscoveries of motion pictures.


Part I. Finding an Appropriate Language: 1. The Hollywood version of the Holocaust; 2. Meaningful montage; 3. Styles of tension; 4. Black humor; Part II. Narrative Strategies: 5. The Jew as child; 6. In hiding/onstage; 7. Beautiful evasions?; 8. The condemned and doomed; Part III. Responses to Nazi Atrocity: 9. Political resistance; 10. The ambiguity of identity; 11. The new German guilt; Part IV. Shaping Reality: 12. The personal documentary; 13. From judgment to illumination; Part V. Third Edition Update: 14. The Holocaust as genre; 15. Rediscoveries; 16. Rescuers in fiction films; 17. The ironic touch; 18. Dysfunction as distortion: the Holocaust survivor on screen and stage; 19. Documentaries of return.


"The standard book on the Holocaust in film..." The Nation "...this book is a key source for this area and it is excellent to have available again." Fred Davies "Indelible Shadows is a thoroughly researched and excellently compiled book." Maria Kornatowska, The Polish Review
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