Renaissance Jewels, Gold Boxes and Objets de Vertu: The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection

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Dezember 2003



The exquisite and luxurious products of the court goldsmith-jeweller are the subject of this detailed and fully illustrated catalogue. The book provides a comprehensive account of the objets de luxe made during the Renaissance, throughout the eighteenth century and at the Russian court around 1900.


Anner Somers Cocks and Charles Trumanwere were curators at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


"All the catalogue items are illustrated in superb colour and the plates are accompanied by excellent monochrome photographs of any relevant material required."--"Apollo"
"""The owner (Baron Thyssen) has encouraged the co-authors to catalogue his collection carefully and without prejudice, and they have provided a sumptuous and erudite work worthy of the objects he has assembled." --"The Antique Dealer and Collectors Guide"
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