Spectacular Display: The Art of Nkanu Initiation Rituals

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April 2003



The introduction looks at Nkanu arts within Central African artistic traditions associated with rites of passage. The introductory essay describes the customs of the Nkanu peoples. The author looks at the artistic and craft traditions of the local artisans and examines the secret language that their masks and sculpture convey. The catalogue section is divided into three sections: Initiation Panels and Freestanding Sculptures, Masks and Head Posts. Each entry is fully illustrated and accompanied by a short description of the history and symbolism attached to each object.


Dr. Annemieke Van Dammen is the first scholar to complete field research of the Nkanu peoples and to study arts associated with Nkanu initiation rituals. Contributor: Dr David A. Binkley is Senior Curator at the National Museum of African Art.
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