Maintaining Minority Languages in Transnational Contexts

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April 2007



Deals with challenges to the maintenance of minority (or community) languages in this era of globalization and increasing transnational movements of people. The contributors, experts in language policy, language maintenance and multilingualism offer complementary perspectives from Australia and Europe on the maintenance of linguistic diversity.


List of Tables Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: Managing and Maintaining Minority Languages in the Era of Globalization: Challenges for Europe and Australia; A.Pauwels PART
I: DEMOGRAPHY AND MEANING Community Languages and the 2001 Australian Census; S.Kipp Comparative Perspectives on Immigrant Minority Languages in Multicultural Europe; G.Extra PART
II: POLICY AND PLANNING Maintaining Multilingualism in Europe: Propositions for a European Language Policy; P.H.Nelde Contrasting and Comparing Minority Language Policy: 'Europe' and Australia; J.Lo Bianco PART
III: POLICY AND PRACTICE IN SPECIFIC SETTINGS Maintaining a Language Other than English Through Higher Education in Australia; A.Pauwels Inconsistencies and Discrepancies in Official Approaches to Linguistic Diversity: The Case of Norway; T.Bull Communication and Community: Perspectives on Language Policy in Sweden and Australia Since the mid 1970s; S.Boyd Language Maintenance and the Second Generation: Policies and Practices; J.Winter & A.Pauwels Index


Edited By Anne Pauwels, Joanne Winter and Joseph Lo Bianco


'Maintaining Minority Languages in Transnational Contexts...offers a thorough and accessible overview of language policy and planning isssues in Australia and Europe. Its nine entries are engaging and well-written. Equally important, consistent placement of a common set of concerns against larger sociological, cultural and political context bring this volume...together into a coherent whole.' - Christof Demont-Henrich, Journal of Sociolinguistics

'Pauwels, Winter, and Lo Bianco have tackled a very large issue facing present circumstances in Europe, Australia, and many other countries. Much of what they describe and include in these chapters can be applied to other national extenuating circumstances.
They offer a powerful perspective on how minority languages must be supported and recognized.' - Esther Ra, Current Issues in Language Planning
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