The Yorkists: The History of a Dynasty

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April 2007



'Now tis the winter of our discontent'...made glorious summer by this fine study of the Yorkist Dynasty>


Anne Crawford was formerly an Assistant Keeper at the Public Record Office and is now archivist to Wells Cathedral. She is the editor of Letters of the Queens of England, 1100-1547 (1994) and Letters of Medieval Women (2002).""


"Crawford (archivist, Wells Cathedral) has been researching the house of York for many years and has written an excellent history of the dynasty. She begins with Richard, Duke of York, the father of Edward IV and Richard III, and takes the story through the duke's granddaughter Elizabeth of York, queen of Henry VII. Her evaluation of the many individuals in the story and her analysis of such major events as the usurpation of Richard III and the fate of his nephews, the 'Princes in the Tower, ' are thoughtful and reasoned. Accounts of Yorkist women and a significant informative feature, and the sometimes-complex genealogy necessary for a family history is detailed by careful narrative supported by family trees of York, Lancaster, Nevill, and Woodville...Summing Up: Highly recommended. All levels/libraries." -A. C. Reeves, CHOICE, February 2008 --Sanford Lakoff
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