An Introduction to Radiative Transfer: Methods and Applications in Astrophysics

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Astrophysicists have developed several very different methodologies for solving the radiative transfer equation. An Introduction to Radiative Transfer applies these techniques to stellar atmospheres, planetary nebulae, supernovae, and other objects with similar geometrical and physical conditions. Accurate methods, fast methods, probabilistic methods and approximate methods are all explained, including the latest and most advanced techniques. The book includes the different techniques used for computing line profiles, polarization due to resonance line scattering, polarization in magnetic media and similar phenomena.


Preface; 1. Definitions of fundamental quantities of the radiation field; 2. The equation of radiative transfer; 3. Methods of solution of transfer equation; 4. Two-point boundary problems; 5. Principle of Invariance; 6. Discrete space theory; 7. Transfer equation in moving media: the observer frame; 8. Radiative transfer equation in the comoving frame; 9. Escape probability methods; 10. Operator perturbation methods; 11. Polarization; 12. Polarization in magnetic media; 13. Multi-dimensional radiative transfer.


Annamaneni Peraiah obtained his doctorate in radiative transfer from Oxford University. He was formerly a Senior Professor at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India. He has held positions in India, Canada, Germany and The Netherlands. His research interests include developing solutions to the radiative transfer equation in stellar atmospheres, and line formation in expanding atmospheres with different physical and geometrical conditions.


'In the second half of the last century, a series of excellent books on radiative transport have been written ... In spite of these works, there existed a need for a comprehensive text book covering basic principles of radiative transport theory and giving an overview of different methods of solving the radiative transport equations. The above comprehensive and authoritative book has substantially filled these gaps. The above work represents a very good overview of exact, approximate and statistical (probabilistic) methods - both conventional and modern - for solving the radiative transport equations.' M. S. Ramachandra, Sterne and Weltruum '... a convenient graduate level textbook that can also serve as a handbook to professional astrophysicists in the field of the radiative transfer. It provides basic definitions, detailed derivations of equations and descriptions of methods of solving them under different physical conditions relevant to astrophysics.' Vladimir Cadez, Zbl. MATH 'It will find applications in advanced undergraduate or postgraduate astrophysics courses, and provide an essential reference in every astronomy library.' C. Simon Jeffery, The Observatory
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