Consumer Sensory Testing For Product Development

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Juni 1998



This book provides comprehensive information on all aspects of consumer affective testing, including principles, application and implementation of consumer affective tests, data collection, statistical analysis, and interpretation of results. New approaches not previously covered in the literature include: 1) methodologies for testing of young children and the elderly and issues related to testing with individuals in these age groups, 2) an in-depth discussion of the development and maintenance of a consumer database, 3) qualitative consumer research methods, 4) simulated supermarket setting tests, and 5) use of mobile laboratory in consumer tests.


Introduction. Sensory Test Methods. Test Procedures. The
Consumer Panel. Qualitative Methods--Focus Groups. Quantitative
Methods by
Test Location--Sensory Laboratory Tests. Quantitative
Methods by test
Location--Central Location Tests. Quantitative
Methods by Test
Location--Mobile Laboratory Tests. Quantitative
Methods by Test
Location--Home-Use Tests. Quantitative Methods by
Location--Simulated Supermarket-Settings (SSS) Tests. Affective
Testing with Children. Statistical Analysis Methods. Quantification
of Qulaity Attributes as Perceived by the Consumer. Appendixes. Index

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