Text Typology and Translation

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November 1997



In what ways are translations affected by text types? The essays in this volume explore this question and attempt to demonstrate the value of text typology for translation purposes, emphasizing the importance of genre analysis, analysis of communicative functions and text types.


1. Introduction, pvii; 2. Part I: Methodology; 3. Text typology: register, genre and text type (by Trosborg, Anna), p3; 4. Text types and translation (by Sager, Juan C.), p25; 5. A functional typology of translation (by Nord, Christiane), p43; 6. Text-type conventions and translating: Some methodological issues (by Kussmaul, Paul), p67; 7. Approaches to Literary Genres; 8. Text types and power relations (by Bassnett, Susan), p87; 9. Descriptions and criticism: some approaches to the translations of Ahns Christian Andersen (by Hjornager, Viggo), p996; 10. Part II: Domain- and Benre-specific texts; 11. Strategies of translating political texts (by Schaffner, Christina), p119; 12. Translating Hybrid Political texts (by Trosborg, Anna), p145; 13. Translation of medical research articles (by Pilegaard, Morten), p159; 14. Translation of technical brochures (by Hansen, Jens Hare), p185; 15. Translating legal Genres (by Bhatia, Vijay), p203; 16. Part III: Terminology and lexicon; 17. Synonymy and equivalence in special-language texts (by Rogers, Margaret), p217; 18. Reference corpora and lexicons for translators and translation studies (by Picchi, Eugenio), p247; 19. Texts Types and media constraints; 20. Written to be spoken: The audio-medial text in translation (by Snell-Hornby, Mary), p277; 21. Dubbing and the Dubbed text - style and cohesion (by Herbst, Thomas), p291; 22. Quality revisited: The rendering of English idioms in danish television subtitles vs. printed translations (by Gottlieb, Henrik), p309; 23. Index, p339
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