Executive Coaching: A Guide for the HR Professional

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"Executive Coaching" is a "consumer's guide" for HR professionals and executives who want to be good clients and savvy consumers of coaching services. Step by step, the book defines what coaching is, who uses it, when, and why. In this comprehensive resource the authors outline the entire coaching process, include key points on the readiness for coaching, and clients' first-hand accounts of their coaching experiences. Valerio and Lee describe the roles of the HR professional, the client, the boss, and the coach and how all work together in order to achieve a successful coaching engagement.


Introduction: Getting the Most from This Resource.Section I: Coaching as a Service.Chapter 1: What Is Coaching?Chapter 2: When Is It Appropriate to Use Coaching?Chapter 3: How Do You Select a Coach?Chapter 4: What Are the Steps in the Coaching Process?Section II: The Roles Involved in Coaching.Chapter 5: What Is the Role of the HR Professional?Chapter 6: What Is the Client's Role?Chapter 7: What Is the Boss's Role?Chapter 8: What Is the Coach's Role?Section III: Special Topics.Chapter 9: Assimilation Coaching.Chapter 10: Executive Development and Coaching.Chapter 11: Multi-Cultural Issues.Chapter 12: Coaching and Diversity.Section IV: In the Words of Clients.Maria's Story.Howard's Story.David's Story.Charlie's Story.Carter's Story.Section V: Reproducible Resources and Forms.Common Coaching Situations.Questions for an Interview with a Prospective Coach.Agenda Items for an Initial Discussion Among HR.Professional, Client, Boss, and Coach Sample Agreement for Coaching Services.Sample Action Plan.Action Plan Format.Sample Progress Report."To-Do" List for Managing Coaching Resources.Appendix.Executive Breakaway Section.Bibliography.About the Authors.Index.Pfeiffer Publications Guide.


Anna Marie Valerio is the president of Executive Leadership Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in executive coaching and organization development. Robert J. Lee is an independent management consultant and coach in New York City. He is the coauthor of Developing the Leader in You from Jossey-Bass in 2001.

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