A Guide to Piers Plowman

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This comprehensive guide works chronologically through the text of Piers Plowman. Assuming no previous knowledge, it equips readers to enjoy and analyse the text for themselves by contextualizing the religious, political and social issues raised, detailing the genres Langland is using, and offering alternative critical interpretations.


List of Text Boxes List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction The First Vision The Second Vision The Third Vision The Fourth Vision The Fifth Vision The Sixth Vision The Seventh and Eighth Visions Bibliography Index


ANNA BALDWIN is a teacher of English at Hills Rd Sixth Form College, Cambridge, UK. She was a lecturer in the English Department at the University of York, UK, for more than 10 years and subsequently a freelance lecturer and supervisor in the English Faculty of the University of Cambridge, UK.


'An impressive piece of work which serves its student readership admirably.' - James Simpson, Harvard University, USA 'An attractive, accessible, and reliable teaching resource, which has been constructed with considerable scholarly care, engagement, and inventiveness.' - Medium A vum
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