Legislative Drafting for Democratic Social Change: A Manual for Drafters

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Dezember 2000



Designed as a practical aid for practitioners in the developing and transitional worlds, this work aims to equip legislative drafters with the conceptual tools and specific techniques needed to draft laws likely to bring about the institutional transformation necessary for good governance.


Preface. Part I: Legislative Drafting, Good Governance and the Development Process. 1. Law and Social Change. 2. The Legislative Drafters' Role in Drafting Transformatory Laws. 3. Prioritizing Drafting Proposals. Part II: Justifying a Draft Bill: The Research Report. 4. An Introduction to Legislative Theory and Methodology: Organizing the Research Report. 5. Writing a Research Report: Ensuring Effective, Non-Arbitrary Implementation. 6. Capturing the Relevant Social Science Evidence for Legislative Drafting. 7. Form of a Research Report. Part III: Techniques for Drafting the Bill. 8. The Architecture of a Bill. 9. Writing a Legislative Sentence: The Who and the What. 10. Writing a Legislative Sentence II: Ensuring Clarity and Avoiding Ambiguity. 11. Drafting Within the Constitution and Other Constraints. 12. Internal Aids to Interpretation. 13. Formal Matters: Placing the Statute in the Corpus of the Law. Part IV: Drafting for Good Governance. 14. Drafting for the Rule of Law and Defensively Against Corruption. Index.
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